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Lickety Split Meals for Health Conscious People on the Go!
.....By Zonya Foco, RD.
We had a meeting with Ann, the dietician at Covenant, & she loaned me this book. It's a great source of good, quick recipes (my kind of cooking!), health & fitness advice. You can purchase Zonya's book on the internet at her site:
Zonya Foco Home.

Cooking ALa Heart
.....By Linda Hachfeld, M.P.H., R.D. & Betsy Eykyn, M.S.
First published in 1952 this book still has lots of good information. I borrowed the book from the Cardiosvascular Health & Wellness Center where my husband took advantage of their rehabilitation service. The first section is Dietary Recommendations that have obviously been updated including how to cut calories & how to shop for the kinds of foods that are good for you.
They have some good recipes.

Cooking Without Fat
.....By George Mateljan, Health Valley Foods
This book is excellent! He provides delicous recipes - all cooked without fat - from fritatas to cheesecakes & that's only one of the chapters. Mateljan also has chapters on how to shop for a low fat diet, why you should cut down on fat & how to change your eating habits to cut the fat.

Healthy Exchanges CookBook
.....By JoAnna M. Lund
Okay, I'm a "recipe book junky". JoAnna Lund has been around a long time. The reason I bought the book was her first "rule"...... "If it takes longer to cook it than eat it, forget it." She has converted old favorite recipes & made them good for you, whether you're a heart disease patient, diabetic, or just want to lose weight & keep it off. She also has loads of hints for healthy cooking, shopping & eating. I plan to use this book often.

In The Kitchen With Rosie, Oprah's Favorite Recipes
.....By Rosie Daley
Yes, I used to watch Oprah & that's where I first heard about this book. Rosie was Oprah Winfrey's personal chef when she finally lost all that weight & kept it off through proper diet & exercise. This little book has a many delicious recipes. My personal favorite is Rosie's Pesto, which I have adapted slightly & claim as my own.

The Living Heart Diet
.....By Michael E. DeBakey, Antonio M. Gotto, Jr. Lynne W. Scott & John P. Foreyt
Dr. DeBakey (nationally known heart surgeon) & friends put together this book with recipes organized into different diet regimens, all geared to making you healthy & keeping you that way. It has information about living in a HeartSmart manner. It has menus, nutrition analyses, a glossary, etc. Make it your cooking bible. They will help you change your life.


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