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Pasta Facts & Tips

Pasta is made from semolina (a wheat flour) & water. It is rich in B-vitamins & iron & low in fat. Included are many shapes of spaghetti & macaroni.

Noodles are pasta with eggs added so they contain more fat. (Linguine, fettucine & lasagne are not noodles, but flat spaghetti. They contain no eggs.)

Cook pasta "to the tooth" (al dente). While cooking, test by biting into a small piece. If it's just a bit firm, but not hard, it's ready to rinse & prepare.

For casseroles that will be cooked for additional time, reduce cooking time (use the lower recommended time).

For pasta salads, toss freshly cooked pasta with a little fat free salad dressing to blend flavors while hot. Add remaining dressing when ready to serve.

Cooked pasta will keep up to a week in the refrigerator. Reheat in boiling water (or add a little water, cover & heat in microwave oven.)

Do not combine pasta with sauce. If leftover & stored in refrigerator, the pasta will soften & lose it's texture - it becomes mushy.

1/2 tablespoon olive oil, added to the drained pasta will keep it from sticking together.


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