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Recent TV ads made me curious about Enova Brand Oil

so I googled it and look what I found: A Review of the Research. This sure sounds like it's an improvement over other oils we use in our diets, even better than soybean and canola oil, it's two components. The difference is in the way it is processed and it could actually aid in reducing body fat when used as part of a healthy diet. The new process creates an oil different from conventional vegetable oils, which are primarily made up of triacylglycerols or triglycerides... resulting in what sounds like a great product for people with high triclycerides in their blood.

Enova has been used in Japan for several years and was recently approved by the FDA for use in the United States. I will buy some of this oil as soon as possible. I found this article, Enova Oil Found to Increase Fat Burning, Suppress Appetite; New Study Shows Benefit as Weapon in War Against Obesity explaining benefits of the product in your diet from a place called The Soy Daily... and you must visit the Enova website of course!


Blogger June said...

How does Enova oil compare with Olive Oil? How would I be able to find your blog again? I'm new at using this. You have several heart healthy recipes. How is it best to receive them? Would they all have to be copy & pasted? Sorry for all the questions. I've been trying to find a combination cook book and heart disease risk factors book. I'm having a hard time finding one. Do you have any thoughts on that? Well, now that I asked you several questions I better go. LOL!! I'd would appreciate an help you can give me. Thanks!

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Blogger sherle said...

Well! I hope the word verification stops the nutcase spammers!!!

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Blogger Amy said...

What an awesome blog! I googled heart smart recipes and there you were. My husband is over 400 lbs and I could stand to eat healthier to live longer for my daughter. Thanks for having this helpful blog.

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